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Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Sneak Peek... and Some Cuteness!

Here is a sneak peek at an antique dresser I just started.

In other news:  Here some cuties that have decided my hostas make a really cozy nest.  There were 6 bunnies at first, but now we are down to 2 : (.  The neighbor's dogs ate 3 of them, and injured 1.  The injured one kept crawling out into the lawn and I kept moving back into the nest so it wouldn't get trampled by my kids, but yesterday I found it dead in the nest.  I scooped it out and am hopeful the other 2 bunnies are safely hiding somewhere.  They are so cute!

And, my parents are getting a puppy!  I went with my mom to pick out her puppy (Cavalier King Charles).  Here is a close up of the litter.  "Gracie" is the one in the back on the left.



  1. Oooh! So cute. We have the same problem with "cute" bunnies. Our dogs always find them and it is terrible explaining to our girls why they "leave".

  2. Awww, the bunnies and puppies are too cute! Can't wait to see the finished dresser. :)